A combination of many factors has lead to the recent increase in popularity of medical tourism: high costs of healthcare in industrialized nations, ease and affordability of international travel, improving technology and standards of care in many countries of the world. Health Tourism is becoming the fastest growing segment in the Tourism industry. It is estimated that this industry is now worth 100 billion US per year and is growing at a rate of 25%.

Medical tourism holds the promise of reducing health care costs for individuals, companies, and governments, as the latter will likely offer discounts and rebates to their employees and constituents to prompt them to chose the medical tourism option and, in turn, reduce the insurer’s and self-insurer’s growing costs of providing quality health care.

Grand Aurum Marketing, realized the potential of the Medical Tourism industry back in 2004 and we set up to host the first ever international event that specifically targets “corporate buyers” and solution providers of medical travel.

The first World Health Tourism Congress was launched in May 2006, and the following cities hosted the event:

  • Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Limas sol, Cyprus
  • Marbella, Spain.
  • Manila, Philippine.
  • Murcia, Spain.
  • Durban, South Africa.
  • Dubai, UAE

Based on the success of our past World Health Tourism Congress, Grand Aurum Marketing will be proud to host the next WHTC in Dubai in partnership with Dubai Health Authority.

The main objective of the WHTC is to promote the medical health tourism and care and show case Dubai as a conference and exhibition centre and destination as its own right.


B2B Meetings

The WHTC is an exclusive congress targeted at top level Senior Executives of fortune 500 corporate buyers and Government Institutions from all over the world. It is the first event in the world to target corporate buyers and solution providers of Medical Tourism.   

The congress will attract over 1000 attendees of the best qualified corporate buyers to the event, in addition to Solution Providers (Companies specialized in providing Health and Medical Tourism solutions) over a Two-day period. The congress will also attract world renowned professionals in the Health and Medical Tourism Industry as well as all major industry’s Medias and publications.

The event will be dedicated to one on one meeting between Global Corporate Buyers and Solution providers. The meetings are pre-arranged and pre-scheduled two weeks before the event takes place.