About GHTC

The Council

The Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC) is the Representative Body / Organization of the Health Tourism Sector.

The GHTC aims to be the legitimate, credible and representative voice of the Sector and its Members.

The GHTC will champion and support the principle of Self-regulation and Self-determination of the Health Tourism Sector – free of interference and coercion from other organizations, interest groups or vested interests.

The GHTC will form alliances but will not accept being subservient to any alliance or organization.


The Global Healthcare Travel Council Mission is to Represent, Lead and Serve the Sector.

Core Objectives

The GHTC, through concerted action initiatives, aims to encourage and support:

  • Expansion of the Industry so that it can address a broader Market
  • Creation and enhancement of integrated, efficient and competitive National and Local Level Health Tourism Destinations
  • Integration of the 8 Health Tourism Segments of the Sector
  • Integration of the several Supporting Industries of the Sector
  • Induction of Students and Young Professionals (Protégés) into the Sector


The Council is committed to playing a purely subsidiary role – initiating and implementing actions which cannot be performed at the “National or Local Destination” level.


As a Not-for-Profit Legal Entity, the GHTC does not compete against Private Sector (For-Profit) Entities – or aim to duplicate the purpose or role of private sector legal entities.

Basically, the GHTC does not compete against its own Stakeholders / Members.