About DXH

Dubai Health Experience (DXH) is the prestigious brand conceived by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to position Dubai as a global health destination for medical travelers across the world. Dubai is already a globally renowned tourist destination as the fourth most visited city in the world and now, DXH envisages to promote Dubai by making healthcare part of the lifestyle experience to a medical traveler with an impressive range of premier accredited clinics and hospitals.

It introduces a digital one-stop shop www.dxh.ae and delivers formal information on the healthcare facilities and other stakeholders providing services to the Health Tourists. Moreover, the platform aims to highlight talents and expertise of healthcare providers in Dubai.  In addition, the website also features the unique selling points of Dubai to any visiting health tourist by providing information on:


  • Centers of Excellence in Dubai.


  • Government stakeholders such as Dubai Tourism, Dubai Police, Dubai Residency and Foreign affairs, Dubai Ambulance.


  • Private Partnerships such as Emirates Airlines, Hospitality Partners, Tours and Travel Agents, The Health Bank and The Retreat Palm Dubai.


  • DXH has a very patient centric approach with assurance of the quality of service provided and the unparalleled reassurance guaranteed even after the treatment ends. In support of this vision, DHA developed a transparent Patient Protection Plan with the provision of the Charter of patient’s rights and responsibilities, a broad-ranging Inbound Medical Tourist Travel Insurance Scheme and a well-structured Medical Complaints Management Process.


  • The Inbound Travel Insurance scheme provides cover for travel-associated risks to an inbound medical tourist while in Dubai for a variety of situations, including emergency medical expenses up to $50,000 for each insured person. This policy is available from all members of the DXH Group at the time of booking procedure/packages and is strongly encouraged for each patient.


  • The Complaints Management Process is specifically designed to resolve medical complaints the patient may have regarding treatment. The medical tourists can file an e-complaint on the DXH portal that is immediately looked into and addressed by the clinical governance office at Dubai Health Authority.


  • The Website provides an array of medical packages for Health tourists to choose across a range of medical specialties covering advanced elective procedures in Cosmetic treatment & Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Dental, Dermatology, Wellness and preventive health check-up, fertility treatments and weight loss management and surgeries.

In its entirety, Dubai Health Experience (DXH) culminates DHA’s efforts which aspire to provide advanced and comprehensive healthcare services towards a healthier and happier experience to all patients as well as medical tourists in the Emirate of Dubai thus allowing them to fully ‘Embrace Life’.